Is Owning a Gas Station Profitable Business (2024)

Are you planning to start your own company? Then a convenience store or gas station is the ideal business for you. Is Owning a Gas Station Profitable Business?

You may be thinking about whether owning a gas station is profitable or not. Owning a gas station is profitable. It is profitable in many ways. One is that a gas station has a demandable product in every community.

The business of gas stations is a highly profitable business when you’re looking to invest and become self-employed. It offers you the possibility of working at home wherever your location is.

So, a Gas Station business plan is a good option if you are looking to prepare yourself for long-term success.

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Is owning a gas station profitable? [Cost, Earning, Pros & Cons]

How much does it cost to own a gas station in the US?

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The cost is around 100k-4 million US dollars to own a gas station in the US. If you’re planning to own a gas station, the cost will vary depending on the area, volume, and income. It can vary from a couple of hundred thousand to several million.

Is a gas station a good business investment right now?

Yes. A gas station can be a good investment right now and worth it. Currently, fuel stations and the convenience shops accompanying them are among the most lucrative businesses in the United States. Over 100,000 gas stations operate nationwide, generating over $400 billion in annual sales.

The gas station industry is among potential buyers’ most appealing business options. It is a method to go further than just selling fuel.

Gas stations are also a good business investment due to their profit potential. It provides owners with a secure and easy-to-run business. Most gas stations are flexible, allowing you to run an auto wash or repair shop to increase the selling methods and various other services.

What’s the average cost to build a gas station?

In terms of financing, building a gas station isn’t easy. The initial cost to build a gas station varies from $250k to $2 million for a small gas station.

The average cost to build a gas station depends on the type of station you’re planning to build and in which location.

Cost of building a gas station

  • Land 1 acre $500.000
  • building 3000 sq ft/200sqft $600,000
  • Inside store equipment Equipment for the inside of stores $200.000
  • Merchandise $ 65,000
  • Two cash register passport, gas monitoring system $ 450.000

Approximately $1.5 up to $2.0 MILLION.

How much profit can a gas station earn with a gallon?

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Generally, the margin on the cost of a gallon of gasoline is around 15 cents for each gallon. When you factor in costs, including utilities, rent such as freight, labor, and credit card charges, retailers are left with around 2 cents for each gallon of revenue. The average retail store sells four gallons daily, and retailers usually earn about $100 daily from gasoline sales.

Retailers today cannot manage their businesses on gas sales by themselves. While 68% of a typical store’s revenue in 2008 was generated by selling gasoline, less than 27% of revenue dollars were derived from fuel.

How much do gas station owners make per month?

If you own a gas station in the Northeast, you can expect to make an average of approximately $5750 per month. If your gas station is located in the West, it’s more likely to earn about $5,000 per month.

The owners of gas stations who operate in the Midwest can earn up to around $5083 per month on average. Operating a gas station in the South could bring in approximately $5500 monthly.

Of course, this number will depend on the fact that you operate a single station or a lot, the number of other gas stations you compete against, and the amount you’re allowed to charge for gasoline.

The salary of the owners of gas stations could depend on years of operation, the location of the gas brand, the products of convenience stores, and operating costs.

Owners usually earn greater profits from in-store sales, such as snacks and drinks. The salary range is generally smaller when the owner buys a business at a gas station due to the beginning costs and the learning curve.

Owning a Gas Station Pros and Cons (Gas Station Ownership Pros-Cons)

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Pros of Owning a Gas Station

What are the pros of owning a gas station? There have some. Below, we have discussed all the pros of owning a gas station.

1. A gas station sells a product that is popular in all areas.

In our society, transportation is a necessity. Even in a recession, drivers save gas by not traveling as much or taking public transport. There is a constant demand for gasoline.

Most households depend heavily on their vehicle to meet their needs. For as long as we drive for our daily errands and other activities, gas stations will be needed.

2. Gas stations provide drivers with a variety of possibilities.

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Alternate fuel sources are one of the most important advancements in today’s automotive industry. Entirely electric automobiles don’t need to purchase gasoline at a petrol station.

Even if the source is electric, there will be a requirement for petrol stations. They may not offer gas shortly. However, that’s fine.

3. You’re the one who makes all the decisions.

If you are the owner of a gas station, you’re the person who has to make all choices regarding how your company operates. You can decide on the services your store will provide.

It is up to you to set specific hours of operation for the local community. You can decide if you intend to franchise the company or decide to be an independent business.

This arrangement allows you, as the owner, to decide whatever you believe is appropriate for your particular market.

4. Environmental issues can be covered through insurance.

If you choose to run a gas station by an agreement for franchising, you are covered by insurance and against environmental issues.

If an inspection finds that there are problems regarding your gas station, the franchisor is responsible for fixing the problem and addressing the issue.

The parent business is generally the one to be accountable for any tank improvements and leaks from equipment. They are often expenses required to ensure the ongoing running of your business.

5. Face-to-face communication

If you’re a person who thrives on interactions with people, this is the perfect job for you! You’ll interact with employees and customers daily by working at a gas station.

6. Easy to Understand The Industry

If you are considering opening a gas station, there’s an abundance of information available on the internet (Facebook groups, YouTube videos, Starter Story, etc.). This can help you get the business going and will answer any questions, concerns, or questions you might have.

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Cons of owning a gas station

What are the cons of owning a gas station? You need to remember some cons while owning a gas station. Below we have discussed the cons of owning a gas station.

1. The initial loan for purchasing a business could have a higher interest rate.

If you’re considering a gasoline station, it’s ideal to consider the purchase a loan. Many lenders will require to put at least 20% down for the loan if they can’t purchase the franchise or company opportunity for sale.

One station owner stated via Reddit in 2014 that their $1.6 million stores needed the payment of $320,000. The interest rate should be taken into account.

You may be paying an interest rate of 8% or more on your loan, approximately 4% in royalties for the franchise, and marketing fees of 3%. It is all from your gross earnings, not your net.

2. It’s not easy to tell if a company you wish to buy is lucrative.

Gas station owners are notoriously unorganized in keeping track of their expenses. Although this issue is part of a myth, it could be a problem when trying to figure out an area’s profit potential, especially if you’re planning to own the business.

The advantages and disadvantages of operating a gas station are similar to challenges that every person has to face when they are the boss of their own company.

You’ll find a good site, well-run facilities, and product availability. It allows you to create several revenue streams to rapidly help your business become profitable.

Other factors are always out of your control and can negatively affect your ability to serve clients. This is why taking note of each important aspect is crucial for a positive experience.

3. You may need to receive a buyer’s approval before selling.

Certain independent operators need permission from the local government before they can transfer the ownership of their gas station.

Franchisees must get pre-approval from the company that owns the franchise to offer their company to an investor due to the specific prerequisites the investor must satisfy.

You can easily enter the field to establish a profitable business if you have the resources. The process isn’t always as straightforward when it is time to retire.

4. It’s a high-stakes game.

Utilizing gasoline can be risky due to the fumes and flammability. Gas stations are also frequently targeted by those looking for a bogus cash flow through armed theft.

There are more than 15,000 robberies at convenience stores across the United States each year. There are 7,000 instances in gas-only stores each year too.

Even if you’ve got state-of-the-art security equipment to guard and monitor your property, there’s an extremely high possibility that someone might try to take the money or equipment.

5. Choosing the Correct Vendor

Most businesses go the manufacturer route in this space, which isn’t bad! However, selecting the best provider could take lots of time, work, and trial and trial.

Doing it right could be a huge saving for you in several months of effort and time.

What is the best method to purchase a gas station for free?

Do you have the ability to purchase a business with no cash down? Yes, it is. The trick is getting the seller to finance 100%.

The purchase of a gas station could be a good investment, but choosing the best location, choosing between independent or franchised options, and obtaining financing could be challenging.

The Gas Station Business can make you millionaires or even billion dollars if you spend correctly and utilize the correct strategies to manage and run the business.

Here are a few tips for buying an empty tank with no money.

1. A seller may offer to finance

One of the most straightforward ways to buy a gas station with no money is by using seller financing. It means a contract between the vendor and buyer offering to buy the gas station for a specified time frame.

2. Make a special offer.

If the owner is unwilling to provide all-inclusive finance, you might want to present them with an appealing offer that you can incorporate into your gas station purchase.

This could be an offer that gives them higher rates for a certain period or a higher interest rate on repayment. For instance, buyers could offer to work for no cost for some time in exchange for a percentage of the profit for sale to the vendor.

3. Loans from a bank

Based on where you live and where you are located, it is possible that you could be eligible for small-business loans and bank loans.

You can buy a gas station by taking bank loans.

4. Funding for Operating Costs and Future Business Expenses

Financing the acquisition of buying a gas station will enable you to start. However, ensuring enough money following the acquisition is equally crucial to cover costs and keep the business running is equally crucial.

5. Buying the gas station with the help of investors

Like purchasing a gas station with no money, getting investors to invest without any money is challenging but not impossible.

Your success relies on your strengths as a person and your connections. Convince investors to support buying the gas station when you cannot raise any cash.

At last, with the right mix of professional and personal skills and the ability to demonstrate to the owner a well-planned plan & strategy, you can buy a gas station with no money down.

What are some most profitable gas station franchises in the US?

FranchiseFounded inFranchise sinceInitial investmentFranchise Fee/Royalty Fee
BP GAS STATION FRANCHISE19091996$2,500,000 – $6,500,000$30,000
CHEVRON GAS STATION18792007$1,500,000 – $2,500,0004%
PHILLIPS 6619272012
7-ELEVEN19271964from $37,550Varies
CIRCLE K19511995from $185,5003 – 7.5%
AMPM19751979from $430,69811 – 14%
STREET CORNER19881995from $99,4004.95%
DASH IN19791979from $138,6005.5%
RACETRAC19341934from $1,000,0003.5%

FAQ on Is Owning a Gas Station Profitable Business

Does it make sense to own a petrol station?

Yes, Owning a gas station is worth it because the gasoline demand and the demand for fuel in America are never-ending and will not slow down.

If you’re an investor, gasoline stations are an excellent option if they’re located and run efficiently.

Is it financially and economically feasible to establish a franchise for a fuel station?

It’s no surprise that the gas station franchise industry is a profitable venture. However, it needs massive investment and dedication to be profitable and effective.

If you’re one of the people with the funds and desire to establish a retail company in the gas and oil industry, establishing a gas station franchise is worth looking into.

Franchises at gas stations allow individuals to join the gasoline retail bandwagon and operate an extremely profitable and busy business.

How much is the average profit margin of a gasoline station?

Gas stations offer a decent return on investment. Also, it is dependent on the trading location and the RO. The station’s site plays a significant part in creating revenue and sales.

Net profits margins are, on average, up to 3.3%, up from 1.6 percent in 2012. So it is profitable to invest in an average gas station.

Yes, the gas station is a very profitable business. In our day-to-day life, we all need gas, and the demand for this is never-ending. A gas station owner can make millions of dollars each year doing the gas station business.

The cost of owning a gas station is $100k- $4 million in the US.

In this article, we have tried to cover is a gas station a profitable business or not and also the cost of owning a gas station. Owning a gas station and running it properly can be a very profitable business. We also discussed gas station ownership pros-cons and how much do you need to own a gas station.

Is Owning a Gas Station Profitable Business (11)

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Is Owning a Gas Station Profitable Business (2024)


Is Owning a Gas Station Profitable Business? ›

Gas retailers receive a fraction of the price listed on the sign–their net profit per gallon is around $0.03-$0.07–after factoring in costs like labor, utilities, insurance, and credit card transaction fees. This puts the net profit margin of a gas station at less than two percent.

Does owning a gas station make money? ›

Gas stations typically only receive a fraction of the price listed on the sign. And after factoring in overhead — labor, utilities, insurance, credit card transaction fees — the average profit is winnowed down to ~$0.03 to $0.07 per gallon.

How much do gas station owner make? ›

Gas station owners' income varies depending on several factors, including the location of the gas station, prices of fuel, and sales of non-gas-related products. Throughout the US, the owner's average salary ranges from $40,000 to $100,000 per year.

Is a gas station a good business investment? ›

Given gas stations are an essential business, it's obvious that they make a good investment for the small business owner. There are many legal considerations that must be considered when you buy a gas station. Before you sign a purchase contract for a gas station, consider the following 5 factors.

How much do gas station owners profit a year? ›

If your station is in the West, you're more likely to make around $60,000 annually on average. Gas station owners in the Midwest could earn around $61,000 on average annually, while operating a gas station in the South could earn you around $66,000 on average per year [1].

What are the cons of owning a gas station? ›

  • Gas station investment: Due Diligence Issues.
  • Cost and Time of Due Diligence Process.
  • Difficult to Scale with a Gas station investment.
  • Owner-Operator Model of Gas Stations.
  • Highly Competitive Market.
  • Low Margin Business from a gas station investment.
  • Environmental Issues.
  • Safety Concerns.
Jun 22, 2023

What do gas stations make the most money on? ›

Station owners make most of their profits in their stores, on sales of food and drinks, as well as alcohol where sales are legal. “The idea is to have a very competitive gas price, and when they go in the store, you can make money off that transaction,” Lenard said.

How can I make my gas station more profitable? ›

How to drive more traffic and boost sales in your gas station
  1. Differentiate your product offering. ...
  2. Give the right first impression. ...
  3. Think about the products' placement. ...
  4. Spice up your food service. ...
  5. Offer special deals. ...
  6. Do something nice that customers will want to reciprocate. ...
  7. Offer a loyalty program. ...
  8. Create a safe experience.

What makes a successful gas station? ›

A successful gas station requires reliable, honest and courteous employees. As gas station owners, you sell a commodity, so small things can add up to better customer value. When your employees handle the customer touch points with grace, you create more value for the customer in a way they can appreciate.

How much should I invest in a gas station? ›

How much does it cost to start a gas station business?
Start-up CostsBallpark RangeAverage
Business cards and brochures$200 - $300$250
Website setup$1,000 - $3,000$2,000
30% down payment on land and gas station construction$150,000 - $200,000$175,000
Inventory of gas and convenience store items$100,000 - $150,000$125,000
5 more rows

What is the best gas station to invest in? ›

Best Gas Station Stocks
  • Marathon Petroleum Corp (NYSE: MPC)
  • ExxonMobil Corp. ( NYSE: XOM)
  • Valero Energy Corporation (NYSE: VLO)
  • Chevron Corporation (NYSE: VLO)
  • BP Plc (NYSE: BP)
  • Phillips 66 (NYSE: PSX)
  • Murphy USA Inc. ( NYSE: MUSA)
  • ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP)
Jul 14, 2023


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